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Liluah Howrah
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About Us

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Our Company

“Ronak Bag Manufacturers as a Company has built a solid reputation on tradition and integrity. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing shopping bags, RBM strives to anticipate customer needs rather than just respond to them. In addition to a diverse product selection and timely delivery, RBM has an experienced team of sales, marketing, and product management specialists. Our team works hard to ensure that you will get your products how you want them, when you want them, with as little hassle for you as possible. Family-owned and operated since 1990, RBM aims to provide services that meet and exceed the expectations of its customers and suppliers alike.”

Our Vision

Our Vision is being an domestic leader company, which ensures sustainable production through hardworking, offers quality to its customers and grants them privileges

Our Mission

Our Mission is being a people-oriented, environment-friendly company which meets the demands of customers perfectly, constantly manufacturing Eco-friendly bags, ranging from shopping, corporate to advertising bags which ultimately adds value to its country.